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06 April, 2021 - 2 min read


This blog would be a way for me to just document whatever I am doing or learning at the moment.

Here goes nothing

For a long long time, I wanted to remake my website using Gatsby which seemed to me like this perfect tool for React developers who wanted to blog. However, due to paucity of time and me always stuck under a deluge of work, that day never came.

Today, I came across an aphorism widely attributed to Voltaire:

"Perfect is the enemy of good"

which made me think.

I realized that the perfect time where I would be free to work on my personal website will never come. Therefore, today I decided to take action and build my blog using one of the many Gatsby Starters that are available right now. I like Simplicity so the Julia Starter seemed like the perfect fit for me. I modified the starter, added a few pages, sprinkled some styles here and there, and in a couple of hours, I had completed the website.

I now have a blog which I can use to document whatever it is that I am learning at the moment. I have also wanted to write about my side projects especially about my monetization strategy of TVDL which I am really excited about because nobody (that I know) has successfully been able to monetize a Siri Shortcut.

My next few blog posts will be about just that. Till then, as Voltaire would have said it, au revoir.

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